Blue pt2 – The Party

We last saw Blue leaving Travis frightened because he had told an unstable Blue that he was not invited to a neighborhood party.  Blue was not invited because he had ruined every event he attended due to his bad behavior and lack of social graces.  Travis, realizing the repercussions from divulging this secret, decided to pack and leave on an extended vacation.  Unfortunately, not having the wherewithal to actually leave town Travis ran to his secret hiding place outside of the neighborhood limits.  Known for his cowardice, Travis has had to hide out often so he created a cozy refuge for moments like this.  He had food, shelter, warm blankets for chilly nights and a bit of entertainment during long evenings.  He would be safe and in time all would be forgotten and he could return.  There remained this nagging concern regarding the threats from Miss Betina (the hostess of the party) about what would happen if he told Blue about the party…but he was almost certain that everything would be alright in time.  She would forgive him right?

Miss Betina had a powerful presence and a solid left hook that she was known to use if provoked.  She did not hand out threats lightly and those who received her wrath took a long time to heal.  So when she told Travis that she would plant her foot in a part of his person if he told Blue about the party then the chances were good that this would happen.  Travis understood the possibility, but convinced himself that he could hide long enough for everything to pass over…maybe Blue would not go to the party.  Yeah right….Blue went to the party.

Blue got to the location early and hid behind some large shrubbery.  He brought with him several “fun” items to teach them all a lesson for not inviting him.  They would remember this day and he would have the last laugh.  He watched as the guest arrived and he could see the beautiful snacks and a special cake on the big table.  He chuckled to himself thinking of what would happen next.  As soon as everyone settled down Blue threw in the first round of firecrackers.

Blue followed up with rockets and a loud horn.  There were bodies falling to the ground, screams and Mrs. Bertha fainted straight out.  Blue then ran to the table holding the cake and literally sat in the middle of the cake leaving an imprint of his behind.  He threw pieces everywhere and destroyed the entire table of snacks and party favors.  Miss Betina had recovered enough to see who was causing the ruckus.  She made her way through the crowd and was able to grab Blue from behind by his neck.  Miss Betina was rather sturdy and mad so her grip was strong.  She snatched Blue off the table and started a series of moves involving chocking, stomping, and shaking.  She did this until the authorities were called and even then she had to be tranquilized to get her hand from around Blue’s neck.  Blue was crying and had wet himself and he was carried out by medical personnel. Miss Betina was also carried out by medical personnel, due to the tranquilizer, and after resting for a day she was back home.  Blue on the other hand had to stay in isolation for awhile to recover.  He was not pretty to see.

Time past and Blue finally went home quietly (he was still hoarse from the choking) and sullen.  Travis made his way back home and everything was over or so he thought.  He settled back into a comfortable routine. Late one fall evening while listening to a bit of Miles Davis he felt something on the back of his neck.  Miss Betina was there…oh Lord.

The primate exhibit at the zoo was closed again for several days.  Travis is still healing.

– Penelope