Blue had a bad attitude and an even worse temper.  He had a rock throwing, screaming, stick chasing temper and an attitude of arrogance that was legendary.  Blue believed that the world revolved around him and everybody else was there by permission.  Some blamed Blue’s disposition on his limited diet.  He could only eat certain foods and though he never seemed to have his appetite sated he did sport a perfect physique and he enjoyed the attention of the ladies. He would strut around wearing a ridiculous smile that seemed to intimidate most and attract a few.  Blue really liked Blue.

One day there was a party in the neighborhood celebrating a new arrival.  Blue was not invited because he had ruined several gatherings with his antics that brought attention to himself and interrupted the fun for everyone else.  The party was to be kept a secret and that was not an easy task in such a small community.  As the date approached, Blue, who was usually to self absorbed to see anything happening around him, sensed something in the air.  He sought out his only “almost” friend Travis and asked about the current community news. Travis had been bribed, warned and threatened into not sharing any information with Blue.  Actually Travis found Blue both annoying and entertaining as long as he was not the brunt of Blue’s temper tantrum.  Travis knew that if he told Blue about the party that his ability to sit down would be hampered for several weeks.  That was a guarantee from the hostess of the party and she was known to follow through on all threats.  Travis was not of strong character so it was a safe bet that he would tell Blue for fear that if Blue found out later he would make his life miserable “forever”. Blue held grudges and never forgave any imagined slight.

Travis decided to stay hidden until the day of the event.  He would not hang out with friends, no visiting or talking to anyone. Travis knew that if Blue found him and asked any questions that he would not be able to keep the party a secret.  There would then be a rather uncomfortable price to pay for sharing this information.  This plan seemed reasonable until Blue strolled into Travis home late one evening.  They did a quick catch up and then Blue asked the dreaded question:  “so what’s going on around here, something feels funny”.  Travis played ignorant, but without much urging he told about the party that was to take place the next day.  Blue turned his back and was very quiet; this move was more frightening than his screaming, throwing, rants.  Travis was petrified and tried to make his way to the exit, but Blue turned and smiled.  Travis fainted from fear and had to be revived by Blue.  With the smile still in place Blue walked purposely out of the door.  Travis starting packing…

Blue went to the party…


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