Things That Are True pt 1.

Life Sucks Sometimes.

It sucks when things in life start to go wrong.  Sometimes it’s our fault, and sometimes it’s not.  Either way it sucks.  I think it sucks more when it’s our fault.  What’s true though is that when it has passed, God has always worked out a change for the better.  There’s a scar there that wasn’t there before.  It’s not always cute, but it’s a badge of honor- like a medal from war, so wear it proudly.  God is ultimately and perfectly sovereign.  He has a perfect plan and He has allotted us our own will.  What seems at first paradoxical is what actually personifies His character.  In perfect love for us He has given us opportunity to make our own choices and choose our own way, and in doing so allows us to screw things up- not to hurt us but to teach us.  Without screwing things up, we don’t need a Savior.  And without screwing things up we don’t learn to lean on Him for every choice, every circumstance, and every breath.  Things have to suck sometimes.  How can we learn to love peace and rest and grace and mercy and redemption?  How can we learn to love love without the need to experience love when we are really, truly hurting?  And when do we truly hurt except for when things really, truly suck?  I’m not saying we should intentionally screw up so that we can experience God’s love at its finest- because believe me, each one of us will screw up enough without putting forth ANY effort to do so, at all.  What I’m saying is we should believe James when he writes, “Consider it PURE JOY, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds for you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance,” (James 1:2).

You don’t know anything, and neither do I.

N. Ford