Things That are True pt2

The phrase “God is good- all the time; all the time- God is good” is really the most true when it’s the most difficult to say.

It’s true, I know it is.  But it’s a lot harder to believe when you’re losing a loved one, or suffering through a sickness, or struggling financially, or struggling with your family, or struggling with a loss or tragedy of some kind.  It’s a lot harder when you’re facing the cruel, unusual, inconceivable sick reality of the world we live in.  There’s a counter-intuitive truth to the phrase though- the harder it is to say, the truer it becomes.  How much more real is it, to a parent who has lost a child?  He IS good.  ALL the time.  Even now.  That’s real.  One of my favorite truths from my mom is simply stated- it’s not our job to understand, but to be faithful.  Be faithful.  I think that means pray when you don’t want to, praise God when it’s the hardest to find things to praise Him for, and read His truth when it’s the hardest to believe.

N. Ford