Why We Owe No one An Explanation about Our Weight: Learning to Love Who You are

During a recent interview Tia Mowry addressed comments about her weight. Both fans and critics headed to social media asking the actress if she was expecting another child. Tia stated that she has recently gained about 10 – 15 pounds due to her new cooking show and just being happy. Tia is not the first lady in Hollywood to be attacked for putting on a few pounds. Some others include Kelly Clarkson and Pink who also received harsh comments earlier this year.

One thing all three ladies have in common is that they responded with class, honesty, and were sincere. I understand that when an individual enters the crazy Hollywood lifestyle they are instantly held to this certain level of perfection. Their every move is watched and dictated. They pretty much lose any ounce of privacy they once had.

With that being said nobody, including celebrities should have to explain their weight whether it be a gain or loss to anyone unless they want to. You owe nobody an explanation about your body and size.

Obviously they will get asked questions because that is just how Hollywood works. People are dying to know. If someone gains weight they get attacked. If someone loses weight everyone wants the tips and secrets.

Part of the love of the industry is the glamour that comes with it, but when is enough enough?

These women just like the rest of us are human and our bodies change, all of ours do. It can come with age, metabolism changes, stress, giving birth, etc. Being a woman is a beautiful thing and our bodies go through so much showing our strength. Weight fluctuation is a natural thing.

We are living in a time where we hear the term “body shaming” pretty frequently. All body types seem to be getting attacked on social media platforms lately and it is quite disturbing in my opinion. Phrases such as “real women have curves” and “someone go feed the skinny girl a burger” flood timelines and it’s honestly just down right disgusting, mean and uncalled for.

I’m not too sure why so many people feel entitled to belittle and make rude comments about others weight but it needs to end. My weight and size do not dictate if I am a real woman or not. My character and actions do. Whether I weigh 200lbs or 130 I am just as much a woman as the next one who may be 110lbs.

I am the heaviest I have ever been right now, and it has taken me a couple of years to be happy with that. I would spend hours trying to figure out how to get back to my high school size. My “skinny days” Then it hit me I was 10 years younger and I will never be that size again. I have found a routine that works for me and like Tia said I am happy.

I have figured out what foods and workouts work for me and I am healthy. When I gained a lot of weight I can admit I was ashamed and embarrassed at first because in my mind for many years the smaller the better.

I’m not sure where this mind frame comes from but I wish more and more of us would learn to love our bodies and who we are. There is no perfect body type. Of course we all have an ideal body type we would like, but that is an individual preference.

We should be striving for the healthiest body. The body that makes us happy and comfortable in our own skin.

Once I stopped obsessing over my weight I finally felt like myself and happy again. I am able to enjoy a workout again because it makes me feel good. Not because I am thinking about how much weight I’m losing the entire time. I can eat a piece of cake…or two and enjoy it and not think about how many calories are in it and feel bad about it every time. Life is too short to critique every single aspect of it.

I write a lot about compassion and sympathizing. If there is one thing I learned from a young age that I hope always stays with me is my level of compassion.

My hope for this generation is acceptance and understanding. I hope that we meet people from different walks of life who are older, younger, smaller, larger, etc and accept them. That we take the time to get to know them. To see their true inner beauty and not just the outward appearance. That we don’t feel we HAVE to explain ourselves but maybe want to share our stories in order to inspire others.

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”

A quote by Amy Bloom

– Jalysa K