Meredith – My Love

The way that she looks at me fills me with shame.  I know I am not good enough for her.  Sometimes I want to be free of her, though she is so beautiful I truly don’t know how I would ever                 survive without her.  She has been my only companion for years.

She helps me feel whole, she makes my heart beat, I just want to hold her and make her understand that she is everything to me.

I love her.

I love you.

Meredith, I love you.

Even though you are nothing but the wall beside my bed.

The slow rise of your curves as your body reaches from beneath the bed to near the ceiling.  If only you would move.  If only the pain and the indents in the wall would allow you to move for             me, dance for me, reach out to me.

The darkness of the crevices which outline your eyes.

I want to kiss you Meredith, I want to hold you in my arms.

I love you Meredith, one day I will escape these bonds and there is nothing on this Earth that will ever tear us apart.

– Edward Turner III