Once Upon a Night (Embracing the Universe)

Once upon a night, he was standing outside of his head counting the endless stars. He wanted to be the king but the hive was ruled by a Queen and the rest of the kingdom were blinded by her light. He promised his heart that the sky won’t be dark— in a magical spin, he threw onto the sky shades of rainbows. He was bending towards the ground when a star lifted him back to the sky, then he shined.

Lost in the colors of the sky, he collided with the Queen. She was a sum of darkness— coated in shades of ambiguity. He felt her creeping inside of his head and taking over his senses. A warm sensation devoured his soul and he heard her whispering onto his mind.
“Let me be the pieces of your heart and let me melt away on your skin,” She murmured “Let me be you when everything is connected to heaven like the stars. Let me occupy your dreams and mess around with your nightmares. Let’s end together— a fairy tale in cursed woods. Let me light up your darkness and let me crowd your mind. Let me not be me… I want to be both— a twilight and a horizon, then we will disconnect— a million lights away.”

That night, he limited the sky— he was embracing the whole universe.

Imen Al Nighaoui


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