Feel the Way you Feel

A recent conversation inspired this post/rant about something I think needs to be discussed.

Dealing with our feelings and just going with the flow. So many times we overthink absolutely everything, even the way we are supposed to feel about certain situations.

I’m the worst at this, but why are we like that?

What is it that makes us think we must have control over every little thing?

Feelings?  Aren’t those supposed to just, I don’t know, happen? We can’t help the way we feel sometimes, but we sure as heck try to.

My friend and I were having a talk and my final words and advice to her were “It’s okay to feel a certain way about this. Don’t worry about how you think you should feel, just feel the way you feel about it, and deal with it then.” Basically just let yourself go through the motions you need to in order to cope. Don’t force yourself to react the way think you need to, or the way you think someone else would react.

I don’t know about you, but I think that life would be a lot simpler if we just went with the flow of each day and let things happen. Not to say we all need to cut loose and get wild, but just enjoy the day. Enjoy those little moments we don’t even notice sometimes. Enjoy those feelings you so desperately try to hide and tame.

You upset about something and want to cry about it, do it! Really happy and feel like smiling really big, do it! Feeling a little sassy and want to be adventurous, do it!

Our emotions and feelings are actually really beautiful parts of our character and frame who we are.

Who is to say we all have to react to every situation the same way? That would make this world a really boring and almost scary place.

So I challenge everyone, myself included to live a little bit more freely and just feel the way we feel and go with it.

– Jalysa K


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