He slowly moved his fingers through my hair. He tilted his head and looked onto my eyes. A faint smile played on his lips. I looked everywhere but at his eyes. I felt him moving his head closer to mine— I could feel his warm breath reviving every inch of my cold skin.
“Look at me,” he whispered, “I want you to look onto my eyes.”
I hesitated for a second and then I looked at him— through him. His eyes were a melting color of chocolate with a pinch of green carnation. They pulled me so hard and fast—like a space magnet. I felt like I was falling head first— diving onto a mysterious ocean; I was breathing too fast, too hard, too short. He moved his head closer— his forehead touching mine and his eyes still focused on me. In that short space between us, he occupied all my senses and inhaled all my air. I gazed down on his lips, they were smooth but firm— like they were full of untold secretes. I gasped when his fingers moved to my back, exploring my space. I lifted my eyes up to his again and exhaled what they gave me. I tried to talk but nothing came out. I tried again and my voice felt so strange to my own ears.
“I…I am lost,” was all I manged to say. He looked at me for a while— his eyes were pulling me back to life. Then, I felt his hands leaving my back and cupping my face. He moved his lips closer to mine, so I could feel their warmth.
“I will find you,” his voice came out hoarse, “and, I will save you.”
We both closed our eyes, absorbing his words and feeling every meaning behind it. And, out of all the sparkling stars in our universe, he kissed me like I am the shore and he is a wild lone wave looking for serenity.
Then, we became whole.

– Imen


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