Always Belonged – A Poem

Lost a job, quit a job, wanna rob?
Get another, didn’t bother, gotta squander?
what’s the difference you surely know,
it’s every days experience in which we grow.
Beside the pains and anguish you must face,
will be the purest heart with no disgrace.
Though it’s dim and far from the start,
rebirth is so special when from the heart.
The FAITH you seem to see you lack
is all that God takes off your back.
Denied all over the world is fact
be true to thy self is a pact.
So very hard and confused it can seem,
like there is no answer that can be seen.
When in fact that’s all there is
the very things that’s caused this dizz.
Isn’t the bottom of this beautiful plain
It’s GOD’S only answer to learn from the pain.
So take Your knowledge and fly beyond
You’ll realize where you have always belonged.

-Lisa Zamora

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