Happiness is Always Worth Fighting For

We all strive to be happy throughout our lives. No matter what you define as happiness it’s something you make time for. For some, happiness is spending time with loved ones during the holidays, for others it’s time spent enjoying a hobby. Laughing until it hurts is one of the happiest times for me. Nothing can beat it.

Your happiness is always worth fighting for. Why? Happiness is one of the few things we always have complete control over. Even when it doesn’t seem like it.

In your darkest moments if you really try, there’s something you can do to bring a little joy into your life. Grab a book that you love, listen to your favorite song, buy fresh flowers, something. Your happiness is always worth fighting for.

The very fact that you woke up to see another day and are reading this piece is reason enough to be happy. Happiness can be found when you take a step back to see all of the great things you have accomplished. Reflecting on everything God has done in your life. Thinking of all of the beautiful things he has planned for you. Remembering that he’s never left your side. Just typing that made me smile.

Your happiness is always worth fighting for. Why? You have so much to look forward to. Dreams and goals to achieve. Memories to make. The chance to make an impact. So many beautiful moments ahead to be happy about.

During your dark days make happiness a priority. I challenge you to do it. It can be hard I know, remember you have control of it. Remember that you and your happiness are always worth fighting for.

– Jalysa K