A Salty River – She is Mine

*Readers Note – Contains Adult Situations*

The sun is running through my veins; drying my blood and pulling me to the edge of death; well, this is how I feel when she looks at me through her hooded eyes. I can smell her from here; the scent of her skin brings back summer to my frozen mind. I feel like diving onto her with all my senses. I just want to touch her soul and make it rain. Rain in summer! My eyes are fixed on her as she moves her fingers through his hair. I try to steer my eyes away, but the more she laces her fingers with his hair, the more I feel hypnotized. Even though, I know she is bringing me pain but I keep looking at her. He whispers something onto her ear, kissing down her neck and she laughs. The sound of it pushing through my spaces and I feel like flying. She looks at me again. She parts her lips breathing in sharply as he touches her thigh. Then, she exhales and I breathe her onto my system. I feel every inch of her; so alive inside of me. I can taste her lips and border her spaces. I can hear her whispering onto my ear; begging me to dip onto her oceans and touch her limitless shores. I feel her pulling me towards her; wanting me to explore her and to steal her away from time. She wants me to stop the clock from moving forward and to freeze the universe so she can taste me. I knew her for life; I grew up fixing her swings and building her a tree house. I was there before him; the bastard touching her. I look at him for few seconds, sensing him up. He seems out of it; lost onto her— I can’t blame him! She might be looking at him right now but, I know that she is thinking of me. I have been hers for along time and, right now, just now I am going to claim her back. I push the head of my cigarette onto the ashtray before me. I stand up, pulling my jacket along with me as I walk to where she is. As if she senses me approaching, she lifts her head and look onto my eyes and all I could see is summer. In a brief moment I see a faint of a smile playing on her red lips. I push myself through the men standing around her table and without thinking, I grab her from the elbow looking onto the man’s eyes “The night is over,” I announce. He looks at me with wide eyes as he tries to talk, but nothing comes out. I pull her along my side as we make our way out, the only word coming out of her sunrise lips is “Oh my God!”
“Yeah! that’s me darling,” I say onto her ear.
The river is full of salt and she is a drop from hell.