He makes her laugh, makes her think, makes her feel whole, and makes her cry. He sends her on a rollercoaster of emotions from time to time. Dinner dates, movie nights, cuddling, and deep discussions. A chemistry that you can only hope to have with someone. He lies, disappears, and treats her like she’s special.
Sometimes, but he also treats her like she’s invisible, replaceable, not enough.
She cared deeply for him, maybe even loved him. Wanted the best for him and for their relationship. He cared about her too, but he cheated, couldn’t commit, got scared and left. The communication just stopped without explanation.
She cried and cried wondering what she did wrong. She begged and pleaded for a chance to talk. A state of depression that lasted for months. How could someone just leave? Someone who was once always there. Is she not worthy of being loved? Seemed that one when the “other” woman always won.
Companionship, it’s something we all want. Something we all need whether we realize it or not. The connection is crucial for our well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally.
So what do you do when you don’t think you’ll get your turn? Do you wait, try again, or depend on fate.
Rejection is a part of life. Nobody likes it, but it just happens from time to time.
How many times does rejection lead to fear though?
You put yourself out there, vulnerable with a desired outcome in mind. Only to have the complete opposite happen. Leaving you in a state of shock, hurt, and denial. You spend days wondering what you could have done to make things go your way. How you could have made things work.
Many times we still want the very thing we were denied of. Instead of pursuing it again we settle. Not only because we’re scared to get hurt again, but because we don’t think we deserve it. We settle in a way because we never want to feel that pain again.
Heartbreak hurts, and it hurts badly. It’s physically debilitating and emotionally draining.
So what do you do? Stay silent in hopes things just work out, or speak your mind and go for it?
I’m not sure of the answer, but I know we’re all worthy of being loved. Maybe not by the person you had hoped, but we are worthy of it!

Jalysa K

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