Reader’s Note – Piece Contains Adult Language

It’s a shame how much I fucking cry. Like what have I become? I’ve been beaten down for the last 7 years of my life to the hands of a Hoosier; and the worst part is I’m afraid of who I will become.

Meaningless? Relentless? Unbecoming? Inconsiderate? Inconsistent? Undesirable? Incoherent? Unfathomable? Unlovable? Unworthy of Trust? Untrustworthy? Inconsolable? Undying affection? These are things I think of that have been taken from me every love at a time. Could I get better? Am I worth getting better? These times in my life I have to remember that I am who I am and I’m not someone’s bitch. I’m a strong wonderful person who has so much more to live for. I just have to remember that every day

Unfortunately, right here today I Cry because I’m in love. Weird As It Seems it shows me that I’m Not Dead and I do feel and that makes the difference.

Lisa Zamora