Spider Web

I am complicated;
I am made of a spider web.
I am a riddle nothing more and nothing less.
I am an untitled fiction inside of non-fictional universe.
My head is a flesh of another head;
It was shredded,
Colored red in the color of blood.
I have a chaotic mind.
My flaws are not mine to hide.
Absorbed by the darkness of my deeds,
I am a sinful soul indeed.
I do not like things coming in whole,
I breathe better in details.
All I wanted is to be less human and more like a unicorn.
I am not dreamy and I am not torn.
I am just being me;
A complicated soul made of a spider web,
Nothing more and nothing less.
For all time, it is your light.
My dying soul is so bright.
The color of your eyes when you smile.
The number of the stars in the sky.
The feel of the tears when we cry.
I feel like running…
Running ahead of my thoughts.
Running from all my noughts.
Running into your head.
Running and spinning in your thread.
I am complicated;
Like a spider web.
My lines are thin.
Will you take me in?
Will you embrace my sins?
Will you help me break my chains?
Will you fill my voids?
Will you love me?
Love my shadows and darkness.
Pull me out to light and brightness.
Because I am a complicated soul;
Made of a spider web… Nothing more and nothing less.

-Imen Al Nighaoui