An Open Note for the Innocence of Kids.

Though the title of this article may seem appropriate for kids alone, the purpose of this piece is to reach out to individuals of all age-groups. As every individual is connected to the innocence of childhood in one way or the other, this article can relate to each one of us. A wonderful phase of life marked with honesty, purity, trust, faith, growth and progress, childhood is truly special and memorable to every human on earth. A stage that allows one to experiment, explore, seek, hunt, ask and create, childhood lays the foundation of existence. Nurturing the little seed within our minds, childhood prepares us to flourish as strong trees in the future. Environment plays an important role in the development of children as the influence of surrounding habits, manners and lifestyle cast their spell, instantly.

Preserving the innocence in kids is extremely essential. With advent of modern technology, electronic devices, cellular phones, social media and easy access to the internet, this innocence is constantly changing with passing time. Though availability of internet, websites and search engines confers loads of data for development, it may decrease their passion to explore answers by self. Taking away the innocent quest for knowledge, the digital age can hamper with their fun-filled days. While kids of today invest their time behind screens, they may move away from the joy of making friends, exploring the nature, enjoying outdoor activities and spending quality time with people around.

With easy accessibility of data and information, follows the pressure to perform, win, prove and excel. Though childhood equates with learning, exploring, experimenting, failing and retrying again, the influence of competition has spread its magic all around. As position, marks, merits and credits reflect the scale of performance, kids are often judged on those basis alone. It is extremely essential to recognize the differences in the skills and talents of every kid, before judging them over common grounds.

So, whether you are a parent with little kids or a teacher training innocent minds, whether you are an uncle or aunt taking care of the little gang or grandparents with loving grandkids, this open note is for each one of you:

  • Preserve the innocence of kids during childhood. Let them enjoy their free time and explore various hobbies, outdoor activities, indoor engagements and fun things with their friends.
  • Do not compare them with other kids. While it is essential to encourage them towards success and goals, do not criticize, judge, analyze and rate them with the fellow members of the club.
  • Guide them about the significance of competitions. Encourage them to enjoy the process of participation, inspire them to learn throughout the journey without worrying about the final victory.
  • Teach them the value of failure as one of the stepping stones to success. Disappointment and sorrow after a failed attempt may distract them from the sight of success ahead.

As a beautiful aspect that shall last during childhood alone, celebrating and enjoying this innocence is a part of the game!