Avalanche pt. 1

A black truck peels off leaving a trail of rubber on the street behind it. Eli and Barney were standing on the side of the road looking dumbfounded as their ride just left them behind. Eli stuck his middle finger out in the direction of the truck. He was not good at hiding his emotions. He looked at Barney, who seemed as though he couldn’t comprehend what had just happened and felt the need to express his frustration. “What a jerk!”
“I don’t get it, what just happened?” We got left behind to fend for ourselves, duh”. “B-but, why would Eddie leaves out here in the middle of nowhere to die?” “Because he’s a piece of crap, that’s why. And he probably figures that he can find the treasure on his own and doesn’t need us. He won’t have to split it three ways once he gets it”. Barney threw his hands in the air as the situation started to sink in. “We were so close!” “I know.”
“That bastard, I don’t want to die out here! I can’t go out like this. My wife’s pregnant and my little boy is on the way”. Eli felt bad for Barney, but tried not to focus too much on his problems. He was trying to get familiar with the area instead. “It will be dark soon, we better figure something out for shelter. You got your lighter?” “Yeah”. “We’ll need to build a fire to stay warm”. The two men began to walk through the brush into the forest. The cold winter air seemed even colder when the wind blew.
Eli could feel his eyes start to water as the cold wind slapped him in the face as he walked. It reminded him of a tour he did once in Siberia. Nothing was as cold as that place, he thought. Eli had met a girl there named Sina, she was the daughter of a fisherman, who he had once loved. As he walked further into the cold winter night his mind wandered, teasing him of how he would die alone. Eli grimaced as he shuffled forward in the snow.
– Adam Smith