CULT-ure of Death*

Express your caring for people while they are still alive
take the time to give them a verbal high five

Carpe Diem
you never know if again you will see them

Call, e-mail, write or text
so your feelings of love can be annexed

Fill the world with laughter
share joy today instead of dreaming about it in the hereafter

A kind word or a smile
lingers in the mind for a quite a while

Stop waiting to celebrate people after they have drawn their last breath
We must put and end to this…………..CULT-ure of Death

Hussein Ali Hill 4/23/16

* “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called LIFE. The best part of LIFE is the sharing and caring we human beings do from our hearts-with ALL creatures great and small “. Inspired by the death of Prince.