Experiences and Their Lessons

As rightly said ‘We do not learn, till we experience it ourselves’, experience is truly the greatest teacher of all times. Experiences pose as practical tasks that demonstrate the outcome of every single aspect. Be it academics or professional life, be it personal relations or social equations, experiences are universal tools that are applicable in every domain of our living. Experiences train us for our future. While we perform a task with our own hands and move along from the start to end, we equip ourselves with beneficial resources for the future. As handy tips that shall last for a lifetime, experiences choose to shower their benefits always.
Though experienced and skilled people may guide us about a particular aspect or train us for a particular task, we cannot appreciate the real value of these projects unless we invest our own efforts. By adding the inputs of our hard work, we create the output of experiences that can last till the end of time. Be it a successful project that reaches its final destination or a failed attempt that lacks efforts, be it a desirable story that offers a happy ending or a sad phase with its own share of troubles, experiences of every kind help us in the long run. While happy and colorful experiences motivate us to continue the same good work each time, dull experiences point towards the lack of efforts and remind us of our shortcomings.
Experiences are universal factors that strive to demonstrate, depict, portray and indicate. Though experiences described by others form interesting stories, they cannot replace the excitement of gaining a first-hand experience. For instance, outdoor activities, adventurous trips, exotic vacations or long-road trips need to be experienced by own selves before we can comment about its feel. While these work for the happy aspects of life, experiences can also make us cautious and careful for the future. Though as a child, we all are warned about the dangers of hot water or hot food in a pan, we never understand its significance till we burn our own fingers, doing the same! Experiences like these register into our minds, creating safety lessons for our lifetime.
As experiences impact our thinking, feelings, emotions and beliefs, they are able to leave a long-lasting effect in our lives. Sharing experiences with family and friends acts as an excellent means for connection and bonding. As we share colorful experiences about a cuisine, movie, restaurant or an activity, we pave way for strengthening the bond. Based on the same concept, sharing undesirable and sad experiences can prevent our closed ones from committing similar mistakes.
With these aspects that talk about experiences and their impact, let us look at their benefits for all of us.
• Experiences are the practical lessons that demonstrate, portray, indicate and represent, preparing us for the bigger tasks.

• Experiences teach us lessons that can last for a lifetime.

• As practical examples that hold relevance in our living, experiences can train us for the future ahead.

• Experiences are applicable in every domain of our living – from personal to professional, from social to economical, experiences are the only factors that can relate to all.

• Happy experiences can inspire us to repeat similar tasks in future, while undesirable experiences can warn us about their dangers.

Such is the impact of experiences that are universal agents for every individual. Unless we feel, perform, prepare or make it ourselves, we cannot know about its outcome. Learn from experiences and benefit from their occurrence, after all experiences are references from an expert!