Express and Attach – The Power of Expression and Communication.

As social animals with ability to communicate, express, emote and connect, human beings have a wonderful feature to their credit. Right since childhood, as we learn this mode of communication, we realize its power in connecting us with others. With this, as a life-long relation commences, we utilize the aspects of expressions and emotions to our words. Expressions are factors that convey our feelings, originating from deep within. They connect us with the outer world, while we establish a bond with those around.
Be it spoken words or written matter, facial expressions or mode of actions, every method achieves the target of communicating with others. Though expressions, feelings, emotions and thoughts are extremely essential components of our life, we often fail to recognize their worth. With this aim, as I decided to pen down my thoughts about expression, I realized its significance in our lives. Expressing ourselves is an extremely essential quality that connects us with those around. Without the aid of communication, it is impossible to form a link with others. While we express ourselves, we open the channels for free communication. By expressing our likes, dislikes, concerns and worries, we are able to foster healthy relations and beneficial ties. Unless we make use of the power of expression, we cannot open the doors to communication.
Be it any situation, circumstance or condition, communicating our feelings and thoughts is extremely necessary. Avoiding expression of feelings to keep an image or running away from communication to prevent further involvement are incorrect means that can spoil relations. All our emotions and feelings need to be conveyed at the right time along the right situation to form last lasting bonds of attachment. Lack of communication often invites misunderstandings into the plot. As the key players refrain from expressing their thoughts and ideas, it sows seeds of confusion and doubt. Preventing the influence of such kind of confusion is extremely essential to enhance relations and nurture progress and development. Be it personal relations or professional ties, communication with our own inner self or expression to the world around, inculcating the habit of communication is undoubtedly essential.
Communication paves way for exchange of information, thoughts, beliefs and feelings. With such beneficial aspects of expression, let us look at its advantages in gist.

1. About connections and bonds: Communication connect us with those around. It prompts us to form ties with people by expressing our stand on various situations.

2. For aspects of social growth: Expressing ourselves is extremely essential to grow in the society. As our words, feelings, thoughts and beliefs reach the community, we can foster new relations and grow with the world.

3. To learn and progress: As expressions and communication enable the exchange of information, knowledge, experiences and facts, it enables personal growth in aspects of learning.

4. About clarity and transparency: Clear communication can eliminate the risks of misunderstanding, confusion, doubts and worries. Enabling clarity and transparency in our relations, communication can prevent it all.

These are the significant factors of communication that help us grow, flourish, progress and develop!