Take Care of Him (Memoir 9/15)

If it’s you, please take care of him. By that I mean when he’s angry it’s probably because he’s hungry or hasn’t had a decent amount of coffee, don’t get angry too it will only make the situation worse. His coffee; 2 creams 2 sugars, even if you hate coffee he will insist you try it every-time because his is the best and you’ll love it. Just do it. He likes to take pictures of things he admires, so you I guess, don’t turn your head or hide your face he enjoys something to look at when you’re away and he’s lonely.
 When you make plans to meet him for dinner and you’re there before him he likes water with lemons. You’ll learn rather quickly that he’s literally at least 30 minutes late for everything, if he says 4:00 he actually means 4:30. He needs to be reassured you still love him often but he means well and he doesn’t smile a lot but when he does i promise you there’s nothing you’ll ever see that can compare.  He could spend 30 minutes picking out an outfit just to later change his mind, read a menu twice and still not know what to order, he’s very indecisive and is never sure of anything, he says he’s sure of you but don’t flatter yourself he was once sure of me too. You’ll often get a call at 12am because he’s hungry and wants to go out, meaning you’ll have to rush out of bed and get ready but it’s worth it every time. When you two decide to go on a late night drive he likes to sing along to his Spotify playlist, just relax and listen, it’s the only thing that calmed me down and it’s the most perfect thing. His music, some of which I’d never listened to or I hated; a mix of indie, screamo and classical, I got hooked on indie and I now don’t mind classical but screamo still makes me cringe. We would wait till late hours of the night to drive around and think alone but together and always ended up in the same spot by the river and talked about what was on our mind till 3:00am and I think that’s the only time we found comfort in ourselves. When it’s time for bed he insists the TV or radio is on so good luck getting enough sleep but the multiple times you wake up in the middle of the night from the noise and see him by your side you won’t have trouble falling back asleep.
You can ask him about these things and all his other favorites but I still question how many times and how long he would go on about everything else before he said my name. He will probably bring me up often but don’t get offended I think I speak for the both of us when I say what we had was special and really meant something and he was the hardest to watch walk away but I suppose I can sleep better at night knowing he’s happy even if it’s not with me. He’s a hard person to bargain with and he’s stubborn so don’t go into the relationship thinking you can change him and then leave him disappointed from knowing what you already know now.
If you’re looking for anything more than easy turn the other way from that alone you can begin to understand why him and I never worked but with that being said he once meant the world to me so just remember when you hold his hand do not let go and the next time you lay down next to him  you’re lying next to a valuable easily breakable person and don’t take his unconditional love for granted. Ever.

– Lauren Harris


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