Step by Step or All at Once

When I think about ‘steps’, the first thought that always crosses my mind is its application in mathematical problems. I am sure, each one of you must have experienced the significance of solving mathematics in a step-wise manner. While struggling with numbers and variables, we are always reminded about the need to proceed in a systematic, step-wise method. Though these steps and methods took care of our grades in school, what is its implication in our lives today?

Is step-wise approach beneficial and practical or it is better to have an all at once sudden attitude?

Is it feasible to take small steps in every domain of life or do some aspects demand quick action?

As a person who strongly believes in systematic approach, I often tend to plan and execute tasks in steps. Though this approach offers convenience, peace of mind, stability and hassle-free experience, it is not possible to fit every situation under its framework. While executing some tasks in life, the surprise of sudden fulfilment can lead to unexpected happiness. Often, planning and careful analysis may disappoint our spirits, forcing us to give up, but it is during times like these that we learn the value of surprises. At an unexpected hour, when life blesses with us what we desire, the sweetness of the success seems much sweeter!

So, while unexpected execution appears to be exciting, it is not possible to rely on fate alone. After investing all our efforts in a systematic manner, we can expect success at its own time. Without working hard in the right direction or without planning well in the correct manner, we cannot hope for a happy ending. Step-wise approach prompts us to think from the start. By aligning our actions according to time, resources, priorities and requirements, we can ensure complete fulfilment as desired. Lack of planning can invite confusion and failure, as everything is initiated at the same time. Simultaneous actions can certainly help, but only after planning the tasks in coordinated manner.

If we analyze the story of our life, it proceeds in a stepwise manner too. From childhood to schooling, graduation to profession, as we climb higher, we are able to appreciate the happiness at every stage.

This makes us realize that step-wise approach is undoubtedly beneficial in every way. Though we have been praising about the benefits of taking one step at a time, aspects like vacation, events, celebrations and enjoyment can be spared from the pressure of plans. Sudden surprises and all at once approach can seem interesting along such occasions.

Let us look at the benefits of both these contrasting teams:

  1. Step by step
  • Careful analysis
  • No possibilities of missing out or forgetting important aspects
  • Proper investment of efforts
  • Higher chances of success
  1. All at once
  • Pleasure of sudden surprises
  • Offers enjoyment and relaxed feel
  • Reduced load of tensions and worries

As both these teams seem good in their own way, we need to weigh our options and choose what is best for us, depending on the situation. Whether you plan and be peaceful or complete it all at once, enjoy the benefits of both!