The Holy River.

Mother nature, mother nature cast your spell.
Mother nature, mother nature bring me back from hell.
After I died I woke up in a river. The water was covering my legs to the knees. My head blossomed of wild flowers. My body reeked of Oleanders— White smell and poisoned taste. I could not open my eyes; they felt like they were sewed to my skin. All I could see was darkness. So this is it? I wondered to myself,  the darkness of death. The unpreventable color of absurdity. The shallow shade of mortality. I moved my fingers, digging them onto what felt like mud. I grabbed some and lifted it to my dry lips. The taste was delightful— a mixture of Jasmine, lemon and Mint. A refreshing encounter!
I tried to open my eyes again, feeling the pain as I pulled my lashes away from my skin. As I slowly opened them, the light attacked my sensitive eyes. Blurred by the massive glow I closed my eyes again. It was so quiet in here. The only sound I could hear was the trickling of water and the relentless movement of the grass against the warm breeze. I opened my eyes again to meet the sky.
Remember they told you that the color of the sky is blue. Well, they lied to you! The sky in here has no color. At the beginning of time, It was lifted up without foundations. The holy sky was on fire, burning onto ashes. And, as I was laying there all I could see was smoke— a pale shade of no color. It was so preternatural!
I tried to lift myself up. Every limb in my body is hurting. I felt sore everywhere. I pushed on my hands, pressing them against the concert. I slowly stood up— my feet were shaky. I trembled, trying to still myself. I looked around me taking in the scenery laying before my eyes. There were an endless grassy lands and a river. Death is a paranormal experience. A sense of another existence. I was alive but my heart was not beating. My skin was warm but I felt cold.
Suddenly, the ground started moving and the sky was slowly vanishing— the smoke is creeping over my head. I tried to still myself but I was too weak to survive what felt like a an earthquake. I fell down onto the river. The water filled my lungs and pushed through my veins. I was suffocating. I tried to lift myself out of the water but something was pulling me down to the unknown. My eyelids was getting heavier and I felt like I was going to slip back onto the darkness again. I felt my blood running with the flow— a mixture of salt and iron. I could taste it on lips. I was losing my focus and the darkness was crowding my head. The last thing I remember was seeing a butterfly in a bubble, floating towards me, then the darkness owned me.
I feel a heavy pressure on my chest. I can hear a muted voices around me. I take in a sharp breath as I open my eyes. My vision is unfocused and I cannot recognize the shadows I am seeing. A warm touch caresses my cheek as I feel my blood warming up in my veins. The voices are becoming clearer and my vision is more focused now. I feel like I was in a dream, but as I move my hand over my body all I can feel is wetness. Was I dreaming?
I try to talk but the lamp in my throat makes it hard for me to do so. I try again.
“What did happen to me?” I ask my voice muffled— my words are a slurred coming out through my heavy lips and shaky breaths. The woman sitting next to me looks at me with gentle eyes.
“You were dead,” she says
I was not dreaming, I think to myself. I was really dead. I jumped over the edge of mortality and came back. They have always told us that nobody died and came back to tell us what is really happening in the afterlife. Well, I do.
I turn my head to look at my surroundings. How cynical!
After I came back to life I woke up in a river.
– Imen

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