The Role of Aim

AIM – goal in progress, plan in action
What do you plan to do in the next five years from now?
What is your goal for the next month?
What is your passion that you desire to accomplish?
What is the task that you look forward to do in the coming weeks?
If you look at the similarity between all these questions, you will realize that each one points to a specific aim in life. Aim, goal, ambition, passion, desire, plan – multiple terms for the same purpose. As guidelines that direct us towards the perfect destination, these factors are essential throughout our journey. Unless we have an aim in life, we cannot decide the further course of action. Be it academic work or professional assignments, daily routine at home or plan of a fun vacation – every aspect demands the involvement of an aim.
Besides giving us a task in hand, aim generates enthusiasm and interest in our system. By prompting us to work hard in a specific manner with a predesignated end point, it ensures our continuous involvement and consistent dedication. The most common reason for failure and disappointment is lack of an aim or ambition. Though one may have dreams to achieve many things in life, unless one frames a realistic aim in mind, it is impossible to achieve success.
Aim does the job of setting a real picture. As we revolve our plans and tasks around this pre-set goal, we can measure our progress along the way. With an aim in hand, we can introspect about the course of our journey and make essential changes at the right moment. In short, aim is the fuel that keeps us going. It adds a purpose to our life, taking us towards happiness, peace, satisfaction and stability. Though we may encounter mountain of challenges and sea of troubles along the path to our destination, it is essential to stay focused. Having an aim does not guarantee assured success always, but it ensures that we are able to march ahead with devotion and determination.
Aim and goals work in a continuous manner. When we accomplish one goal, it is important to frame another one for the next task. As lack of aim may fill our lives with boredom, sadness, laziness and frustration, continuous cycle of ambitions can keep us on our toes. Fulfilment of one aim can take us towards the next, bringing reasons to celebrate.
Framing an aim does not mean writing it every single day or revising it over and over again. It simply means making a commitment with our inner self, while planning to execute the desired actions.
What are the top five reasons that can justify the importance of aim?
Aim is required to-

1. To keep us going

2. To assign us with a task that can lead to success

3. To bring enthusiasm and energy into our lives

4. To channelize our efforts in the right direction

5. To take us towards success and satisfaction of fulfilment.

Frame your aim, prepare your plans and set goals in life- after all, life is too short to complain, postpone, repent or regret!