The Woman in the Wall

– “Nothing.. I have nothing to say”
– “How about a sound?”
– “The heart?”
– “Yeah.. the heart”
– “Empty.. an empty jar.”
– “A jar of butterflies.. How about this?”
– “Dead!”
– “By fire?”
– “No.. an empty heart.”
– “Ah!”
– “You?”
– “What about me?”
– “You dream?”
– “Yes.. sometimes.. I don’t know!”
– “What color?”
– “Still talking about my dreams?”
– “Yes.”
– “The sky.. I guess.”
– “Night or morning?”
– “Both..”
– “….”
– “….”
– “I don’t dream.”
– “Anything.. nothing?!”
– “Nothing.. I have nothing to dream about.”
– “How about a.. taste?”
– “mmmm… salt.”
– “Your skin?”
– “Peeled to the bones.”
– “Truth is hard.”
– “Truth is easily painful.”
– “True!”
– “….”
– “….”

A woman in the wall talked to me.. I wasn’t dreaming.. I don’t dream, remember! Stop looking at me like I am mad! I swear, I am telling the truth. She called my name and asked me questions. I answered them one by one. She told me that the stars are actually small bubbles with tiny fireflies inside of them. She, also, told me that colors are reflections of our souls. “The eyes only see what they want to see” she said, I believe her. I only see gray these days, a mixture of black and white. Two different, yet similar colors.
I know you are calling me mad right now, pointing at me and saying that what I am mumbling is just an act of absurdity. But, that’s not true. Truth is hard.. is easily painful and I am in pain.
I wish someone out there would listen to me.. not love me.. not.. just listen to me.
A butterfly effect can last forever.. but my butterflies are trapped in a jar.. an empty one.
I just want you to listen.
– “They are so bright!”
– “Fireflies are an amazing creatures.”
– “Yes.. they are.”

Imen Al Nighaoui

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