Go With The Flow

Impatient decisions, quick actions, rapid inferences, unthoughtful conclusions – an endless list that point towards the consequences of ‘haste’. Haste and impatience are two dangerous elements that can bring undesirable changes to our life. Patience is an extremely essential shade that needs to be incorporated into our attitude. Situations and circumstances have a strong influence into our living. Though we may make careful plans and involve thoughtful ideas into the course of our journey, changing circumstances may force us to edit the entire plan at the end moment. No amount of regret or sorrow can transform the situation back to the previous setup, prompting us to move ahead with the changing scenario. Going with the flow, marching forward with confidence and believing in the current situation is all we can do, as regret or tears can only take us away from the goal.
Though we all believe in taking control of our own life, fighting against the force of nature or running away from the situation in hand can never assist in our ambition. While our plans and ideas may certainly work in the future, adapting to changing situation and making the best of the present moment is the key to guaranteed success. Crying over shift in plan A to plan B is an open invitation to failure and defeat. Instead accepting the situation that led to this plan change can leave us with enough time to invest more efforts. By working hard towards the next idea in hand, we can ensure success and satisfaction, rather than disappointment and sorrow.
We often fail to accept the power of circumstances, while blaming our fortune and luck in the process. Finding our way out through the roadmap in present can definitely clear the path towards destination. Concentrating on the present, while forgetting about the past plans can be one of the ways of achieving it. As we move along the ladder of life, taking one step at a time; we are excited to know about the next destination. This prompts us to take certain short-cuts or convenient manipulations, hoping to get it all. Though we may find some momentary happiness by doing so, it is very important to enjoy every step in the journey. Instead of worrying about the challenges of tomorrow, we must engage into tasks of today.
Worries about the future often grip us in the current moment, blocking our visibility in the present. When increasing uncertainties, anxieties, worries and troubles seem to surround us in all directions, we must remind ourselves to stay patient and believe in the situation. By going with the flow, we can ensure peace, stability, success and happiness. Fighting against the situation will only lead to drainage of energy, with no achievements as planned. Demonstrating flexibility and openness to make the most of the variations can inspire us towards victory.
Swim with the flow, enjoy the ride, make the most of your resources and partner with situations – after all, life is all about living!