Live in the Present Moment

Our mind can often act in a funny manner. With an ability to run and wander around, it can quickly reach someplace else, before we even realize it. While performing a task in hand, it may think about some mistakes of the past or while enjoying some pleasures in the present, it may prompt us to worry about the future. As our mind can function in its own manner with a unique agenda, it is extremely essential to train it for living in the ‘present.’
Present moment calls for ‘live’ action. As it offers us the opportunity to think, act, experience and enjoy, it is necessary to live it to the fullest. Referring to the past quite often or worrying about the uncertainties of the future can never yield any desirable output, as both these aspects are totally out of reach. Present is the only interesting period that can allow us to make remarkable memories to last for a lifetime. As uncertainties of the future cannot be predicted, it is important to be in the present and make the most of it. Before this energetic present transforms into yet another regret of the past, we must act over it instantly.
Though plans and ideas about the future give us a roadmap for the further course of action, we must not invest all our time and energy in that direction. While planning can pose as a guideline, it must not replace the active time of the present. As each one of us have numerous responsibilities ahead, we may tend to ignore about the present. While this is a usual tendency that grips all of us, it is important to be firm that present moment will never reoccur again. All we have is the time in hand to make the most for the future. Living in the present is the perfect way to enjoy our existence on earth. It prompts us to appreciate the life around us. By observing the nature, surrounding, environment and colors, we can invite unlimited happiness.
If we often think about the future, we may lose precious moments of the present. As there is no end to our thought process or a right and wrong answer about the aspects of tomorrow, we may get pulled into unwanted engagements. Unless we invest our energy into the tasks in hand, we may drift away from the goals. As ‘tomorrow’ is yet to come, but ‘today’ has arrived already, we must learn to define our priorities well.
Let us inculcate this thought into our lives with the aid of few pointers.
1. Enjoy the activities of the present – be it work, leisure, pleasure or desires, act on the current state of affairs.

2. Refuse to think about the future as your thoughts and ideas may waste your action time.

3. Appreciate what you have with you today – express gratitude, communicate, connect and make new bonds.

4. Make valuable memories, capture photographs, learn new aspects, experience novel adventures and radiate happiness into your living.

5. Do not think about what kind of experiences will enter into your life tomorrow, instead think about what are you achieving by the end of today?

Act on these factors and experience the difference – after all present is all you have; past is not yours anymore and future is yet to be yours!