While Rome Burns

People are endangering their lives playing Pokemon
the KKK is inspired because of Trump’s a Svengali like phenomenon

Church folks saying it’s the end of days
people in NYC passing out in the streets in a K2 haze

Hillary is hoping to fool America with a Jedi mind trick
like a mob moll with a Tommy gun ready to pull the trigger quick

The DNC used tactics that I abhor
now there is infighting like in the next Captain America movie “Civil War”

Trying to survive another Summer heat wave
hoping to not to faint when the bill comes because to the energy companies were all a slave

Chicago due to gangs and cops is still a war zone
the real solution to the problem is still unknown

Over the air tv is showing last season’s returns
to the half asleep “sheeple”-while Rome burns
Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 7/24/16