Define Your Own Pace

If we observe our lifestyles closely, we will realize that every life story has its own set of tasks, responsibilities, duties and mannerism. Though our roles and responsibilities may vary with differences in the nature of work, we all are united by the common thread of ‘hard work’. Be it domestic activities pertaining to the household or professional assignments at the workplace, we all are tied to domain of work. Each one of us has a unique style to attend to these tasks. While some of us may rely on fast-paced actions to accomplish a project, few others may choose to take one step at a time. Though these differences may divide us on the basis of mannerism of work, they all take us towards the final destination of successful outcome.

As each individual has a different approach towards life, it is necessary to work at our own pace. It is important to recognize our strengths, weaknesses, features and highlights, before deciding our path. By reflecting over our goals and desires, we can create a roadmap for ourselves. Comparing our life with others can only lead to disappointment. Competing with someone on the basis of their pace of work can never yield any success. Instead, it may leave us stranded on the way, as our own goals may seem unachievable. It is essential to spend some quality time with our inner thoughts and devise a plan for our own journey. Creating unachievable targets based on the draft of our friends, siblings or colleagues can only lead to failure and rejection.

Defining our own pace involves taking closer look at our goals in the near future. With aid of proper game plan and analysis of the tasks in hand, we can decide the further course. By paying careful attention to our talent and skills, we can decide a unique pace for ourselves. Competing with our own course of journey is the correct approach towards success. As we invest efforts and actions towards achieving our goals, we can expect fruits of satisfaction. Being jealous about the progress of others or making constant modifications in our plans to match with theirs can never be useful in any way. While it is beneficial to seek motivation from the journey of others, it is inappropriate to judge our own struggle based on their achievements. As each one of us has a different storyline to attend to, we cannot expect similarities in the conduct of our actions.

It is important to work hard towards our aspirations, while taking care of our interests, passion, desires and choices.

Let us pen down some pointers that can enlighten us about defining our pace.

  1. Communicate with yourself and prepare a list of your goals and ambitions.
  1. Decide the right approach to accomplish these desires.
  1. Prepare a timeline to set appropriate deadlines.
  1. Work hard towards following your schedule.
  1. Do not compare your progress report with others, as everyone have a different finish line in the race.
  1. Seek inspiration to stay on the track.
  1. Focus over drawing happiness and satisfaction from your journey of hard work.
  1. Do not pressurize yourself with the achievements of others.
  1. Analyze your pace and make necessary changes if needed.
  1. Share your happiness with those around, but not judge, comment or misinterpret their pace of work.

Define your own pace and go with the flow of life, after all life is too short to spend it behind comparisons and complaints.