Dream and Dare

Dreams are reflection of our imagination. Many a times, when we think about a particular aspect for more than usual, we visualize their occurrence in our dreams. While dreams imagined during our sleep are involuntary activities beyond our control, there are many dreams that we desire and wish for by our own will. Also labelled as ‘daydreams’, these pieces of imagination are born out of our honest wishes and sincere hopes. Dreams prompt us to set goals and work towards them with dedication. Dreams do not follow any guidelines or restrictions. All they know is that everything is possible under the sun, forcing us to think beyond our limitations.
Dreams are nothing but desires hidden deep within our minds. As we move along the daily routine of life, we look at those dreams as interfering elements into our system. Though dreams pull us towards a different world completely, they know our real desire and purpose of living. Dreams represent our passion, hobbies, interests and ambition; encouraging us to follow it right till the end. Difficulties and novelties along our path add fear into our lives, forcing us to quit. As we evaluate our desires on the basis of judgement from the society, we refrain from working towards them. Settling within a comfort zone and staying away from our passion can lead to nothing else but disappointment.
We must chalk a plan to convert our dreams into reality. As dreams are designed for our inner happiness, satisfaction, pleasure and peace, it is essential to remain determined. Be it a unique career or an interesting hobby, be it desires for travelling or fun-filled plans for self, it is necessary to step away from the comfort zone. Daring ourselves to fulfil these dreams can bring us closer to the thrill of life. Dreams can offer us purpose and goals along the journey. While we make arrangements to include them as part of our daily process, we are able to evaluate our progress along the way.
Dreams cannot be converted into reality by a last-minute magic act. They require loads of patience, hard work, sincerity and strong will to succeed. When we work towards our dreams, we must be willing to face all the challenges along the journey. Expecting an easy course filled with fictional elements cannot take us to the goal. We must invest our sincere efforts in order to gain success and satisfaction.
Daring also involves taking responsibility of the process. We cannot blame circumstances, situations, people or resources for the failure of our dreams. It is essential to take care of all difficulties and make changes along the way if needed. Converting unavoidable circumstances into beneficial factors can lead to satisfaction and pleasure. Though our dreams may not materialize as desired, it is essential to stay determined.
What are the take-away points that shall inspire you and me to continue with our dreams?

1. Dreams bring purpose to our life. They point towards our desires, ambition and passion.

2. It is important to quit doubts and worries. We must work hard towards converting our dreams to reality.

3. Challenges and difficulties may delay the process of reality, but this should not be translated into defeat.

4. By staying determined, confident, bold and courageous, we can draw happiness and pleasure from our dreams.

Dream, dare, desire and do – after all nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.