Rejection Is Not A Dead End

An email containing words of rejection for one of my submitted articles, prompted me to pen my thoughts over it. While extremely disappointed and sad over this event, as I spent my Monday morning pondering about what went wrong, I realized that the sorrow was interfering with my future course of work. Though rejection spelt out failure and defeat, it did not mean a dead end to my other plans. Many a times, when we pour all our efforts towards a goal, hoping for perfect flavors of success; life chooses to take a detour in an unexpected way. During moments like these, as the future seems doubtful with no other plans in hand, we may allow this rejection to cast its undesirable influence. As we are engrossed in our hard work to make it big, we may tend to ignore about what lies ahead.
Rejection in career, education, relations or social circle does not translate into a total dead end with no further options. Instead it poses as a stop sign, forcing us to reflect over our choices and make a different move quickly. It is extremely essential to treat rejections as reminders to change the usual course of plan. As rejections point towards some wrong doings, they prompt us to run our thoughts in a different direction. By responding to rejections in a healthy manner, we can invite new opportunities along our journey. Failure in one attempt does not mean permanent failure for a lifetime. It forces us to make useful variations in our manner of work, bringing positive impact to the outcome.
Rejection is nature’s way to call for a second trial. As the first option failed, it reminds us to either increase the efforts or change the nature of treatment. Treating rejection as the final decision forever will drain away all your remaining energy too. This makes it essential to consider them as introspective halts for some useful changes. Giving up will only bring more sorrow, disappointment, frustration and anger. As nothing in permanent, rejection too follows winds of change. What may come across as a failed attempt today, can be improved for successful output tomorrow. Before one realizes, rejection changes itself to success within no time. Crying over spilled milk will only waste your precious time. It is important to consider rejection as just another day in life and move ahead.
After few moments of sadness, when I saw myself penning down this article, I was happy to forget about the rejection. Let me summarize my thoughts, as a beneficial guide for all of us in the future.
• Rejection is not a complete end to all our hard work. It is a temporary halt, forcing us to think about changes and improvements.

• Rejections can cast their spell in any domain of our life, making it necessary to have a positive approach towards its arrival.

• We must not allow permanent changes in our goals due to rejections. Instead, we can make useful variations and come up with better result along the next time.

• Being disappointed over spent efforts cannot turn your rejection into acceptance. Working with enhanced interest, more determination, increased concentration and cheerful attitude can definitely help in the long run.

Convert rejection to success, change the route and experience happiness for life is all about efforts, attempts, positivity and smiles!



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