Smile over Presence, Do Not Cry Over Absence

Our life often tends to move towards a materialistic theme. Though money cannot buy all the happiness in the world, it certainly forms an essential tool for survival. While materialistic resources are designed for convenience, utility and requirement, we often rely over them for happiness, pleasure and satisfaction. As the greed to own latest gadgets or desire to possess valuable assets begins to cast its shadow, we find ourselves in an undesirable situation. Though it is exciting to work hard towards these resources and purchase them with our hard earned money, it is equally essential to find contentment in whatever we have.
Competitive spirit to match someone else or jealousy born out of this race for resources can only lead us to disappointment, frustration, anger and sorrow. It is necessary to find satisfaction in our course of journey. As every individual has a different route to follow, we cannot compete with each other on the basis of assets or materialistic possessions. If we display a tendency to compare our belongings with those of others, we will never be able to appreciate our efforts. It is important to realize that our interests, desires, wishes and dreams are totally different from those of our friends or loved ones, making it essential to enjoy what we possess.
Smiling and celebrating over our own stock of hard work is much more desirable than crying over something that we do not have. In the process of chasing for more and more, we may lose the essence of current achievements. By being happy, satisfied, contented and joyful with our humble belongings today, we can pave way for more victories in the future. Competing with others and crafting our plans on the basis of their achievements can never yield any output. As there are no fixed targets, someone else may always seem to own something more than us with their set of goals.
Our natural human tendency often tempts us to look around at the possession of others. Instead, we must guide it to draw satisfaction from our own baggage. This factor applies to every single domain of our living. From houses to cars, luxurious holidays to expensive possessions, quality of life to long-term goals and plans, we may tend to evaluate our own list against the benchmark of others. While it is extremely necessary to have certain targets and deadlines for our own goals, it is incorrect to declare ourselves as unsuccessful and defeated on the basis of others. After all, it is important to remember that our own humble achievements spell out hard work, dedication, sincerity and commitment.
By being sad over the things that we lack, we may never find time to appreciate what we have. As it is impossible to own every single desire in our wish-list right away, we may always have something in the pipeline. Patience, confidence, willingness and desire to work hard can fuel our further course of journey. It is important to pat our backs after an achievement and continue ahead with the next task. This thought should be inculcated into little minds at a young age. We must teach our children about the value of satisfaction, instead of comparing it with others. As greed and jealousy are nothing but disturbing factors for our tasks, it is important to eliminate it, right from the beginning.
Smile over what you have, enjoy its presence in your life and celebrate the possession. After all your tears will never flow, if you choose to keep the sadness away!


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