A Brilliant Pain

Let me tell few things about myself or maybe let me tell you the most important thing about myself. I am a writer, a storyteller and a creator. I have enough pain inside of me that would help me write till I die. Actually, what makes someone a writer is the amount of pain they hide inside. Some stories we, writers, tell are true. They are somehow part of us. We didn’t create them, but rather they created us. Those stories… those scars made us; they shaped who we are today. Pain is able to make us more sensitive to everything around us, and that way we see things as they are. Pain is the fire to our imagination. Pain is brilliant. Those unfazed moments that a writer steals from time are the spaces leading to creation. The moment I let them talk to me, they start occupying my mind and every inch of my sanity. Not that I mind being mad! I never tell my characters what to do. I actually don’t create them. They just come to me full of themselves. They tell me their stories, they start talking about their lives and their emotions. I don’t choose them, they choose me. They come to me seeking freedom; they want me to set them free, and to give them the space to speak their minds. My characters are not my creation, they are life’s creation.
Everyone of us has a writer inside but the difference between us is that I chose to listen to the voices inside and you chose to silence them. I chose madness and you chose sanity.

– Imen Al Nighaoui

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