A Late Night Talk With A Mosquito

The place is my room and the time is around midnight. These kind of conversations happen when you are all alone. Do I feel insane? No, because I have never been sane to begin with. This is my conversation with a mosquito.
– “You have to die.”
– “But I don’t want to die.”
– “You have no choice.”
– “Yes, I do.”
– “No you don’t.”
– “Yes, I do… Just open the window and let me out.”
– “No, I won’t open it… you shouldn’t have entered in the first place.”
– “I made a mistake.”
– “Mistakes are a dangerous weapon.”
– “Give me second chance then.”
– “Second chances are useless when you are about to die.”
– “But if you spare my life I will be able to have it… the second chance.”
– “I don’t want you dead…”
– “But!”
– “But you hurt me.”
– “I didn’t mean it.”
– “Yes! You did.”
– “I was only surviving mother nature.”
– “But, that doesn’t mean that you have to hurt others in order to survive.”
– “I had no choice.”
– “Nonsense!”
– “It was just a sip.”
– “It was an ocean.”
– “I was just passing by.”
– “Just like the others… You never stay; you just leave when you are done playing with my blood.”
– “It’s all I need, and you know that.”
– “It’s not that I don’t want to share my blood with you, but it hurts every time you drink me up and, then you leave me in pain… I am only a human!”
– “I am just a mosquito.”
– “You are just a metaphor.”
– “Then let me leave… give me back my freedom and move on yourself. Let go of me and push your heart to forget all the pain and misery. Live your life without me.”
– “You are my life.”
– “I am just a mosquito.”
– “….”
– “So, are you going to open the window?”
– “No!”
– “Then I am going to die tonight!”
– “No!”
– “Then what’s going to happen to me”
– “Just drink my blood and stay with me.”
– “The pain?
– “Gone.”
– “…”
– “Will you stay?”
– “No… I am sorry but just open the window.”
– “The window is open. It always has been.”


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