Colors of the Remnant

I was wrapped in your shadow
Like a furry warm blanket for an epoch,
Cuddling in your brilliant potent,
Merely mirroring your blazing sepal;

Until the day I heard your whisper
In the sweet breath of forget-me-nots,
As you sunk in the umbrage of a waning dusk,
Dying, obsequious to the horizon’s call;

And truly you said, for I shimmered in
The spectra of a million flames imbibing your scent,
Bleeding in the intensity of your remnant echo,
Magenta memories, crimson hearts and violet scars;

You never knew I could survive no longer,
As my colors seeped into elusive grey,
And from the dregs of a fleeting twilight,
All that remained was the cartography of scars;

Without you my beloved light, I slowly broke
Into shreds of stygian, oblivious ink,
Where till day I beat in forgotten twinkles,
In the vestigial background of an amethyst sky.



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