Every Step Counts

Think about any goal in your life or a task that you wish to fulfill. Unless you invest efforts in a step wise manner, you may not reach the finish line. Often, when are engrossed in the daily course of life with routine set of activities, we experience boredom and impatience. As our usual responsibilities take our vision away from the final destination, we are unsure about the journey. We experience doses of doubts that invite dissatisfaction into our systems. Such times call for our patience and understanding, as no task in life is possible without little efforts. Every step that we take or every act that we perform can ultimately lead us to the desired goal.
Only after we invest our efforts in a timely fashion with faith in ourselves, we can achieve what we desire. Great stories of success are not written overnight with some magical ink. Every accomplished task is marked by numerous efforts in the right direction. Instant success lasts for a short while. In order to experience satisfaction, peace, stability and happiness, it is necessary to walk one step at a time. Though some days may seem insignificant with no concrete achievements at the end, it is essential to wait for the larger picture. Every single day counts in the journey of our life. While some days appear victorious, offering us trophies for our efforts; few others may seem hollow without any happy moments to think about.
During such hollow moments, we must engage in preparation and hard work. Instead of complaining about boredom or disappointment, we must prepare strategies for the future. In the flow of journey, we may not realize the significance of such empty days, but when we finally reach the destination with pride and smiles, these days do mean something. Happy and joyful moments will always seem interesting, adding enthusiasm in our work. If we able to sustain the same energetic spirit during our dull days, we can dream about a happy future.
Many a times, we are extremely closer to our goals, yet our eyesight is blocked away from it. These weak moments pose as the perfect opportunities to distract us away from the goal. Rather than assuring us about the success so far, it will force us to abort the mission and move away. Quitting seems to be the best option, as we cannot see any development ahead. Such weak moments are nothing but testing times that evaluate our determination. If we are focused with a strong belief that every step will eventually take us to our goals, we may not be worried at all.
Little efforts club into bigger pieces of success. Patience, faith, trust and dedication pose as fuel that can power our engines till the final stop.
So, next time when you seem to be stuck, doubting the value of your little step, remember these pointers:
1. Every step is destined for a purpose
2. Unless you walk tiny steps along your path, you may never reach the destination.
3. Though your efforts may seem insignificant today, they are part of a bigger picture for tomorrow.
4. When you stand at the finish line, you will realize that every mile you ran was part of the race track.
Add your hard work, patience, smiles and happiness and see the value of every step as it sums up to the total final score!



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