It Will All Make Sense, One Day

We have often heard about the importance of living in the present. As past cannot be repeated and future is far away, we are motivated to live the present moment to the fullest. Present is the ‘live’ phase that enables us to see, experience, feel and react to the happening aspects around. Often, life presents some interesting moments that confuse us to no end. While dealing with the uncertainties of our existence – unexpected situations and unavoidable circumstances play their moves. During times like these, we are unable to change the scenario, except we can only move along the flow.
From happiness to sorrow, excitement to confusion, agitation to irritation, we may experience wide array of emotions. While none of these feelings may be under our control, yet we have to live through them. Though we may not understand the significance of such a situation then, every single aspect will make sense some day in the future.
Suddenly all our troubles, challenges, unexpected reactions and confusion will disappear when we wait for the right moment. Time poses as a medicine, as it heals the wounds of the past. As we live through a trouble or roadblock, we may express anger towards life and its unpredictable situations, only to realize that everything was planned for a reason. Just as pieces of a jigsaw depict the entire picture after placing them in proper order, several moments in our life make sense only after connecting them in a flawless manner. Till then, it is important to trust our journey, have faith in our efforts and believe in the situation as everything will fit into the proper scenario sooner or later. Every failure that we encounter or every disturbance we experience will show its true colors, when we reflect over it after a while.
When we look at our current road, we come across challenging situations that seem totally impossible. We are often greeted by unexpected confusing assignments that appear difficult by all means. While we struggle and find ways to cross them along the way, we may treat them as extreme pieces of difficulties. It is only after we reflect over such a difficult period after many years, everything seems simple. When we find ourselves laughing and smiling over our past difficulties with lessons for the future, we truly mature in the process.
Though every single aspect will eventually make sense in the future, it is totally hidden and meaningless today. While it will definitely offer some smiles at a later stage in the process, it will not be the same today. At the present moment, all we can do is possess patience, confidence, trust and faith that ‘this too, shall pass’.
We often complain about our current finances, job, lifestyle and relations. Though we dream about something diverse from our present situation, we will definitely end up falling in love with our own story, sooner or later. Few years into the future, when we ride over a nostalgic lane, we shall love every single experience that we must have hated, once upon a time.
With this thought, enjoy everything that happens to you today. Everything will make sense, one day; only if you learn to smile, laugh, rejoice and stay happy over the confusion at present.


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