Nothing’s Wrong

I went up to the courthouse
Wind was blowing through my soul
Started up the stairway
Inching like I was made of stone
I sat in judgement
Of all the condemning looks
The judge ran off the charges
I felt my self growing old…

I hide up in the clouds
Where the ground looks so far away
Lean against the wind
As the sun pushes the dark away
I ask myself,
“Could I see the forest through the trees?”
The answer I guess
Burns a hole inside of me…

As you grow, you might
Learn somethings that aren’t so true
All you need to know, is what I
Done I did for you
I would walk through fire
Yea I would even freeze to death
To keep the rhythm going
Of the heart that beats inside your chest….

And sometimes it seems
Like something might be wrong with me
Then again, sometimes I feel
Like there’s no one else I ought to be
When I find my center
It’ll help to put my mind at ease
It’ll all get better
Just as long
As nothing’s wrong with me.

-Zac Clark


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