Holly-ween – Holly-me (I might end up in jail part II)

“What are you going to wear this Halloween?”
How about wearing myself; the skin of the real me!
I guess, I am going to be the the psychopath I hide inside. The one who kills people inside of her head. The person who smells freedom in blood; it’s actually the taste of irony, it feels like stabbing a presidential candidate with your eyes. Do you remember when I told you that i might end up in jail? Well, I guess in my mind I already did. My crime was being overly dreamy. I am a dreamer that never sleeps; once I saw myself flying without wings but I did have a tail of a fish. I think I was a flying mermaid; but still I was holding a knife. I guess I was chasing the angels; I remember the sky being somehow darker than any other night. I loved the darkness; it reminded me of my lover. Nothing sensual in here, but he was afraid of darkness. I think that’s why I abandoned the idea of sharing my nights with him; I liked my nights salty with a pinch of irony and his taste was plain; like a presidential debate!

What most people do not know is that everyday there is a Halloween. You don’t believe me! just open the TV and see it for yourself; politicians in fancy suits talking about our well beings. Sporting shinny skins and fake smiles; they keep telling us lies about what is best for us. Monsters with shinny armors. It’s like a big Halloween party, they are just too many, too colorful and too loud, for me to embrace.

The loud man screaming outside my window is walking on hot ground, the water is traveling down his spin. I hate looking at his face; he reminds me of someone I know very well. Someone like Me. He is a freak… I am a freak. We are both the same; the window is my soul and the ground is my skin; the water running through his veins is, also running through mine. I am louder than I am supposed to be.
This Halloween I am going to be myself. I will dress up as my own skin and bare my soul to the whole world to see. And with this spirit I ll go to the voting booth; and make my choice, and by the end of the day I will end up in jail.

In the name of holly-ween may the truth guide you to your true thee.
In the the spirit of holly-me may your your heart live in spree.
(And for them who still undecided don’t agony yourself for too long; let me help you make your choice. Here is a clue: all politicians are the same.)

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