One Day At A Time…

Call it natural human tendency or unpredictable human mind, we often jump our thoughts way ahead into the future. Before we even manage to accomplish half of the tasks in hand, we find ourselves planning for several days ahead. While worrying about the challenges of tomorrow or chalking our strategies for the next game-plan, we end up losing our today. Though we all may deny this fact when confronted about it, we will realize that unconsciously our mind enjoys the opportunity to run away. Dreaming about tomorrow or fearing the next examination seems more tempting than addressing the current responsibilities. We may not contemplate its value today, but few years down the line it may present its ugly picture.
Instead of worrying, dreaming, planning, hoping for the happiness in future, we can work over the present. As past is no longer your territory or future is not yours to talk about, all you can do is take this one single day in hand and work over it. If you deal with every single day as it comes, you will experience peace, satisfaction, happiness and joy in its purest form. Though this attitude does not eliminate our troubles, failure, difficulties and sorrow, it can ensure completeness to our life. It can bless us with a sense of satisfaction as we learn to live every single day to its fullest.
Often we dream about our big plans for holidays or our career plans years down the line. But, if we fail to fulfil our duties and responsibilities today, such dreaming may not lead to the results. This thought does not advocate uselessness of planning. While planning is an important activity to bring our thoughts, actions, efforts and ideas in place, it does not mean long hours of planning, but no hours of work. Instead of being happy about a dream activity in the future, we should enjoy every single moment in hand. No one has seen the future to change or modify it. Yet, we are able to see the present to make the best for ourselves and our loved ones.
Worrying about the state of roads in the future cannot smoothen the path naturally. Rather than wondering about tomorrow, we can train ourselves today. If we invest in our current job, roles, skills and necessities, we can prepare our draft for the future. I often looked at a ‘day’ as an insignificant part of the year without any major role. But as I frame this article now, I realize that every single is a complete assignment in itself. From the time we wake up to the time we bid it good-bye, every day offers great things in our plate. Be it happiness to accomplish our job or joy to meet our close friends, be it some interesting activity beyond our routine or be it silent moments of relaxation, every single day is colored with diverse shades.
Each day comes with its charm and decorates a part of our life. As situations are never under our control, we can only work over what is ours. Enjoy every single day as a gift from life and bid good-bye with a satisfied heart. Life is not a race to run behind the medal for accomplishment, it is a book to be turned, one day at a time.