Reaction above action

We all have heard about the scientific phenomenon of reaction over action. Though this aspect relates to a law in physics, it applies to our routine course of life too. While cruising over the journey of life, we realize that our reactions play a significant role. Though reactions are created in response to actions, they define our nature in several ways. Reaction over a situation depends on our attitude, behavior, beliefs and thoughts, paving way to permanent effects in life. This makes it essential to think for a while, before offering our reactions.
Our attitude over a situation defines several aspects of nature. Whether we choose to express our anger or stay calm; whether we choose to remain silent or talk it out; each of our reactions mean a lot in the process. With this thought in mind, it is necessary to think about our reactions. By staying calm and understanding the situation, we can influence the overall output. Many a times, when life throws unexpected challenges at us, we fail to react in an appropriate manner. As circumstances govern these reactions, we may not be able to think about the same. Though our momentary anger or rage may push us towards incorrect reactions, it is necessary to take control of the situation. We may not realize the outcome at that particular instant, but it may spoil relations or future in an unexpected way. This highlights the need to place reactions above actions. How we react talks about our nature and conduct in life, making it essential to stay calm always.
Often, our unpleasant reactions take charge of the situation. Though these seem absolutely baseless over a period of time, they perform unavoidable damage long before we even realize it. Patient approach and calm conduct can ensure happiness and peace. By offering our reactions with patience, we can control the situation in a rightful way.
Amidst uncertainties, difficulties, worries and troubles – our reactions speak a lot. If we are able to control them with maturity, we can come closer to peace. Though it may seem difficult at times, we must attempt to react in a composed manner. While it is impossible to chalk out a perfect formula of reaction, we can remind ourselves about the consequences of temporary rage and anger.
With these aspects in mind, let us pen down a few pointers that can stay with us forever:

1. Reactions over actions are significant aspects that can influence our relationships, future, work and happiness.

2. By staying calm and reacting in a peaceful manner, we can refrain from momentary anger or rage.

3. Patient approach holds a significant value in our lives. If we choose to be patient and understand the situation well, we can avoid unnecessary troubles.

4. We cannot have hold over other people’s actions, but we can definitely ensure that our reactions do not hurt, trouble or bother those around us.

5. By placing our reactions above actions, we can experience happiness and peace. We can control the situation in a rightful way and avoid regrets later.

Reactions demand our attention, just as actions do. React in a positive way and transform situations perfectly!