The Breath Of Your Poetry

I cling on to the breath between your words,
Every pause a beautiful remnant
Of the poetry, preceding,
to imbibe the sweetness of anticipation
of a melodious dulcet, yet to follow,

and in that joyful contemplation I slide
along the contour of your cursive,
gazing in awe at the dazzling calligraphy,
touching the tip of stars
soaking me in the colorful nebulae of life,

I personify your theme or so you say,
but I know I’m just a tiny drop
in the beautiful ocean of imagery you paint,
Your clichés are my constant consolation
Bringing back memories of companionship,
That makes me crave forever more;

I finally sink in your lexicon of nectared verses
emboldening me in all aspects;
Your poesy of words sparkles like a star,
And I’m but just a whisper of darkness
Between those twinkles,
But still you say, I make you pulsate;

Won’t you accept, ‘tis YOUR essence
That makes me beautiful?

Rupa J


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