The Rabbit Hole

I saw her falling on both knees. I saw her digging her fingers onto the hard soil. I saw her face touching the ground with a thud. I felt her pain inside my bones, deep in my soul.
We both were children of the rabbit hole. Our dreams were bigger inside the hole. They were brighter than a rainbow and louder than a thunderstorm. We dreamt of someone to love us back, we dreamt of a path that is long enough to carry us to the edge of the world. We made our promises inside of the milky way; we were stars out of the reach. Beside me she stood; teaching me how to be myself in a blinded world. She would hold my hand and put it on her heart “Feel it beat like a northern storm and let it explode inside of you” she would tell me. The blood rushed in both our veins, and we run.. run without regret.. without pain… without pain.
She fell but I never did.
I died but she never did.
-“I am not who you think I am.”
-“I can see you.”
-“I can feel you.”
-“I am you.”

– Imen

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In Her Memory (Speck of Dust)



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