Why Do We Choose Disappointment?

Life is all about opportunities, adventures, experiences, challenges and situations. As we walk along the path, we encounter diverse hardships that can hamper our spirit. Though difficulties are designed with an aim to evaluate our preparation, it is essential to find our way and emerge successful. We may not know the right solution to every problem, but we need to work hard in order to reach the goal. Errors or mistakes may crop along the field, but our efforts must be focused in the correct direction. Unless we gather confidence, knowledge, courage and determination, it is impossible to achieve what we desire. Amidst all these uncertainties, our mind is often programmed to pick the wrong elements. Though we must invest in positivity, we experience a natural pull towards disappointment.
Disappointment and regrets are most undesirable factors that can take us away from our goals. While we spend our time in crying over spilled milk, we lose our energy to move forward. Tears and words of regret can never transform the situation. Neither disappointment nor regret has the power to convert failure into success. Rather your determination to succeed can work wonders as you change the situation into something good. Disappointment and regret seem to be the simplest choices as we hope to transfer the blame onto fate. While expressing sorrow and crying over challenges, we may find temporary relief from the situation. It may take us away from the prime responsibility, but it cannot offer long-lasting happiness.
Instead of choosing disappointment over our failures, we must invest our time for alternate routes. We should decide the scheme for the future with an aim to gain success, happiness, peace and satisfaction. As everything is uncertain, we cannot expect guaranteed results as planned. We may need to make variations along the way and choose the best possible option. Many a times, we plan significant milestones in our life, only to be greeted by certain unknown variables in the path. During such moments, it is essential to accept the reality and change the approach. Just because we failed to reach the expected spot, we cannot ban traveling for the rest of our lives. All we need is a confident spirit to never give up. We must not find happiness and support in the arms of disappointment, but look for other successful alternatives.
Since it is impossible to change the past or turn failure into success with a magic wand, it is useless to regret over it. When life presents us with some unexpected puzzles, we must bring out our happy spirit and paint the situation. It is necessary to look for the brighter spots, while radiating happiness all around.
Thus, next time if life chooses to pull you down, you must push back to the spot with these useful pointers.
1. Disappointment can distract you from your path, while regrets can engage you into unnecessary troubles, hence you must find your way out.

2. It is important to keep our spirits alive and stay in the race. Though failures may enter into the path, we cannot quit in the process.

3. Worrying about the outcome can take away the happiness of experiences. It is important to enjoy every moment as it comes.

4. Make the best out of every situation, after all it is essential to add life to your years and not years to your life.