Are You Carefree Enough?

Surprised by this title?
Wondering if carefreeness is a virtue to be proud about?
Before you reject this article as too impractical to be true, let me take you into the sea of my thoughts. Carefreeness is the state of being happy with ourselves. While associating with numerous people around, we tend to stay bonded within the confines of our image. In order to be presentable and acceptable in the society, we tie our minds around the elements of care and concern. But, at times life demands carefreeness too. Though being carefree allows you to stay away from worries and troubles, it should not be confused with carelessness. Carefreeness is distancing away from unnecessary ties of complications. Instead of worrying about every single aspect of the future, it is important to enjoy the present to the fullest.
As situations and circumstances are not within our control, it is essential to extract best from the plate. If we stop bothering about the perception of others, we can ensure happiness in every way. Instead of engaging into calculations, analysis, judgements and comments, we must set ourselves free to enjoy every bit of what’s in store. This is when carefreeness steps in, allowing you to stay away from worries. By being carefree, one can embrace the joy of living. Expecting perfect behavior from others or expressing disappointment if a situation does not work in our favor shall never yield any favorable results. Rather carefree approach shall let us enjoy the journey as it unfolds.
Carelessness can cost us leading to disappointment and failure. That forms a part of unacceptable aspect of nature as it can present troubles at a later stage. Carefree attitude towards some factors of our life can ensure joy along every step. It is important to remember that life does not run under our control. No matter how many plans we design or how many efforts we invest, some aspects may manage to run away from our system. For situations such as these, it is necessary to adopt a carefree approach. Worrying about minute details may serve as an open invitation to sorrow and despair.
While some important decisions of our life cannot be made over a carefree platform, it is important to recognize them and act accordingly. Drawing a thin line between carefreeness and maturity can ensure long-lasting joy forever.
So, are you convinced enough to be carefree? Read along through these pointers and be carefree for life!
1. Carefreeness translates into being happy and satisfied with the flow.
2. Situations or people are not meant to be kept under any form of control, prompting us to accept whatever comes along our way.
3. Carefree approach can motivate us to embrace happiness in every way.
4. Life is not meant to be lived as a calculated project, it is impossible to analyze every situation and make sense out of every single event.
5. At times, being carefree can expand our horizon and inspire us to experiment and enjoy.
6. Living every aspect of our life under the frame of rules and regulations cannot keep us happy, hence it is perfectly appropriate to flow with the wind.

Be carefree, embrace happiness, enjoy life and explore yourself!
– Lavanya
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