Catch Of The Day

There was an old man who fished in the sea
He caught a catch that was as little as could be
The fish said, Oh my God, Oh my God
What mayhem is this?
That this large headed creature catches me with a stick
Throw me back, throw me back
You huge headed beast!
I am way too small for your big, crooked teeth

The old man growled and said to the fish
What have you to do with this stick?
I will throw you back
Once I close your little mouth
Won’t have you carrying tales back to a trout
About an old man who sits on a brick
And catches little fish for bait with a stick

For bait? For bait?
Then the little fish understood
That he was now the worm
That sat in his stomach like wood

No, no
No, no, he begged the old man
Let me go and I will find you a big fish that stands
And he will satisfy your behemoth frying pan

The old man thought and turnt it about
Then said, okay, I will throw you right out
True to his word, he tossed the fish in
And never saw the lying rascal again

-Angel Berry