Throw Away That Fear

A powerful four letter word that takes away everything away from you- ‘FEAR’ is the root cause of disturbance in the journey of life. Call it a figment of our imagination or unwanted piece of our mind – fear engages us in unnecessary transactions along the way. Without any healthy output, all it leaves behind is sorrow, unrest, irritation and frustration. Fear blocks our path towards happiness, forcing us to stop and worry. Fear has its own strategies and policies, favoring to enter into the weak minded rather than the strong ones. By spreading its wide web, fear can take over every single aspect slowly and steadily. Think about fear as a wicked king who conquers over the entire kingdom with power, hatred and evilness.
Before you even realize it, fear stands right at the center of your life, taking charge in every possible way. You may detest its arrival, but all you can do is regret and cry. This makes it essential to throw that fear away from your life. Fear of tomorrow or fear of future is the root cause that spoils your present. While you are fearing about an event in the coming days, your present moment is destroyed completely. Fear cannot yield any useful result except hatred and sorrow. This unwanted factor comes in various forms and varieties. From fear of failure to fear of future, from fear of a situation to fear of an individual or thing, it can take various disguises to enter into your life. Once it manages to gain a strong hold over your mind, all it takes is few opportunistic moments to stay there forever.
We tend to engage ourselves in philosophical thoughts with an aim to keep our life clean and positive. But unknowingly, fear bypasses over every healthy factor to make its presence felt. None of us may invite fear into our lives, yet each one of us suffers from the same. It is necessary to throw away fear as far as we can, focusing over positivity in every way. Unless we make any sincere efforts, fear does not walk away on its own. No matter how difficult the journey may seem, it is essential to keep fear at the door.
Fear keeps us away from the happiness and success of daily course. Before we engage in any tasks, fear stands as an evil with its dirty plans. Unless we learn to throw away this habit, we may never be able to embrace life. In order to experience every single moment with happiness and joy, it is essential to quit fear and march with a smile. Unknowingly, fear takes the form of a habit, staying close to us in every domain. Unnecessary worries and unwanted tensions enter into our lives as we choose to stay close to fear. Instead, we must let life take its own course as none of our worries or fear can change a thing. If we live every single day, one moment at a time, we can give away the fear of tomorrow. Embracing life in its complete form and accepting every single aspect with open arms can lead us to happiness. Fighting against any situation is useless but fighting with it to find the way out is totally useful.
Throw away that fear and enjoy love, after all life is too short to attend to this unwanted guest for a lifetime.

– Lavanya
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