Truth, Choice, and Identity

We are labeled with a name at the start of our new life, which has nothing to do with our true identity.
We are expected to succeed within a guarded society, without any concession in our freedom of choice.
Our spiritual nature is overshadowed in a world of material importance, but still in grace we hold some truth.
The trend in which we learn to possess, silently cries in the meaning of loss.
Reward spawns competition, while an ignorant flame of separation advances.
Notice: How the restriction to knowledge has been ordained by the schools, while the rules of the land maintain social conformity.
See how fear is a resource which can alter our choice.
“Behold” Judgement and Blame are Thriving!
Our Fate is not the effect from our Parents, or Teachers, nor Mentors or Caregivers, for they have developed within the same world as we.
When will we become a unified race?
How can our hopes show their transparent intentions?
What real truth will surface, in a reality of choice to reveal our divine Identity?
Yes, we have settled for mediocrity for the sake of survival, but our spirit screams for much more than that!
We are all descendants of Freewill…
We, as one individual, as one nation, and as One Human Race.
There is no greater Truth than that of the Choices we make; have become the consequence of our Identity!

By Rolley