The Worst Devils of our Nature*

America is now a divided house
and Trump is a stain nastier than the one Pres. Bill left on Monica’s Blouse

He was “selected” by people who are so full of jive
they still use Windows 95

Being President is NOT like being the host of a “Reality TV Show”
you can’t edit out the times the right answer you didn’t know
I feel sorry for our youth
having to live in the “Home of Post Truth”

But, they are too busy “cyber dating”
and falling for “click baiting”

I hope when it comes to voting in 2018 they will be “lit”
because fighting for our country is a job on which we cannot quit

Regardless of the differences in our nomenclature
when must all battle- the worst devils of our nature
Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 11/17/16

*In President Lincoln’s Inaugural address he use a line from Dickens: “The Better Angels Of Our Nature”.