Dead Love Breathing (Paper Love Part II)

When winter comes, the world falls into dead silence.

He would breathe memories into my mind, and in the dead silence I would hear them speaking to me, moving down my skin to the ground. Then, I would stand there not moving, fear chaining my thoughts and my steps. I remember, his eyes moving over my mouth; the heat of his thoughts burning my lips, and then I remember, his head leaning over my shoulder from million miles away. All his dreams would linger allover me like lost clouds. I remember it, raining fire on my ice. I would melt in vain, and water I became. I would run a river in the desert reviving the dead. And, through the earth’s veins I would march to the ocean, right there we would reunite like heavy waves through a blowing wind. We would run for miles till we crush on the shore for one last breathe.
Do I need to tell you that he loved me that much? Do I need to remind you that he gave me paper love?
Don’t you say, I didn’t warn you! Don’t say that, I didn’t tell you that love is an empty ocean of pain!
The trigger is in my hand and the gun is on the floor, waiting for him to cross the cold sky to my hell. He must be waiting for me to pull the stupid thing and end this tragedy. But, no I won’t do that! I won’t give up this love and I won’t let him slip away from my darkest thoughts. He started this pain, when his fingers crossed my borders and only them could end it. Thus, if he really wants this love to end, he has to to do it himself. His holy hands can choke this love out of me, and bury my naked soul into the silent cold winter.
Till then my love… Till then, my wild horses will keep running through your veins and into the lost stars.


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